Introducing unofficial PowerShell module for HP G6 Servers (Without iLo requirements)


My first thought of this project was to create an HP PowerShell module that was not depending on the HP iLo to run. The benefit of this would be to avoid having to deal autentiering of iLo to make simpler system checks on machines. This makes a big difference for people with HP G6 servers because the official HP PowerShell module ”only” supports iLo3 / 4.

So let me pressent PSHPQ which instead is entirely dependent on WMI to run.
Since the PSHPQ using HP-specific WMI namespace, you need to download the HP Insight Management WBEM Providers (cp016286) which includes these namespace.

Yes … there is still much to be desired here. But for the purpose of inventory and reporting in smaller and older environments it works great!

In the next article will hopefully explain more about the cmdlets themselves .. I will also try to give some examples of how I use it.


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